How it All Started

This was the start of Craftmaster, we built a few tables and benches in the basement of our house.

Barbara Lehmann, Dennis Lehmann, Lonnie Plank and Bill Plank.

Dennis Lehmann and Bill Plank constructing our first tables and the little guy there is supervising, That's me, Brian Lehmann, now owner and partner with Bill's brother Lonnie Plank.

Barbara Lehmann, Dennis Lehmann, Lonnie Plank, and Bill Plank.


Dennis Lehmann and Bill Plank were the original founders of Craftmaster. They started this company to provide their customers with a high quality die for a fair price. 10 or so years later the company was growing in needed much more space so they built a 40’ x 80’ building and acquired some of the best equipment for our industry.


Dennis Lehmann and William Plank working on a large die.


Lonnie Plank and Mike Melotz (sp?) working together to get a die out ASAP!


Our brand new Elcede NCP150 plotter sample maker.


We were the first die shop in the country to start drawing on die boards directly, improving our accuracy 10 Fold.


As you can see, all of us here at Craftmaster have been in this industry a very long time and the value of hand craftsmanship and experience when it pertains to steel rule dies and its related tooling should never be underestimated! Craftmaster has always been in the forefront of technology. We buy and maintain the best equipment for our industry. We really take pride in our work and our customers. When it comes to service we’re second to none. A Craftmaster employee is available for assistance at any time your machinery is running. We will do our best to serve our customers day or night. Reliability? Our laser has never been down for more than 24 hours in the last 24 years. We do what it takes to deliver your product at its most important time, when you need it.

Craftmaster has always been about the best quality and top notch service for a fair and reasonable price. We don’t have any hidden or extra charges like delivery and pickups. We can do some of the most intricate die changes available. We’re here to save you money, if we can alter a die for you instead of making you a new one, we’ll be the first to tell you.


The Team



44 years experience 



44 years experience



44 years experience